Past Chapter Presidents

65May 2023May 2023Kato F. Fischer
66May 2023 Caelan J. Neibert
64January 2023May 2023Ron Jackson
63April 2022January 2023John Schilling
62September 2021April 2022Mitchell S. Seifert
61December 2016January 2018Ricky A. Rickenbach
60January 2016December 2016Holden Hendricks
59January 2015January 2016Dustin T. Patterson
58January 2014January 2015Nate J. Dressler
57January 2013January 2014Nick R. Malley
56January 2012January 2013Mark J. Sextro
55March 2011January 2012Mr. Jake K. Van Slyke III
54April 2010March 2011Joseph Winters
53February 2009April 2010Kristopher J. Nielsen
52April 2008February 2009Alex Porte
51May 2007April 2008Aaron Payne
50June 2006May 2007Josh Coup
49December 2004June 2006Alex Plassmeyer
48February 2004December 2004Joseph D. Lantz
47February 2003February 2004Heath Hancock
46January 2002February 2003Ryan G. Heikes
45May 2001January 2002John W. Holtzclaw II
44March 2000May 2001Charles H. Kappauf, Jr.
43January 2000December 2000Mr. Dave B. Raddatz
42February 1998January 2000Robert J. Fescoe
41November 1996February 1998Greg L. Wiggins
40January 1996November 1996Andrew Guth
39January 1996January 1996Jon D. Wheeler
38January 1995January 1996Britton C. Haney
37June 1994January 1995George W. Wyatt
36January 1993June 1994Christopher D. Livingston
35January 1992 Timothy F. Marks
34January 1992December 1992James Moloney
33January 1991December 1991John W. Hamilton
32January 1990December 1990Lawrence Jenkins
31January 1989December 1989Jeffrey s. Hockersmith
30January 1988December 1988Ronald C. Ramberg, Jr.
29January 1987December 1987Lance E. Schmidt
28January 1986December 1986Joseph S. Campbell
27September 1982September 1983Mitch G. watt
26January 1982December 1982James K. Seidel
25January 1981December 1981Mickey D. O'Dell
24January 1980December 1980Thomas R. O'Boyle
23January 1979December 1979Gregg A. Beattie
22January 1978December 1978Michael D. Jantsch
20December 1974December 1975Rob C. Baker
21December 1974December 1975Rob C. Baker
19January 1973December 1973Dean W. Cherpitel
18January 1971December 1971Daniel J. Strausbaugh
17January 1969December 1969Donald J. Hineman
16January 1965December 1965Thomas E. Shumaker
15January 1964December 1964William R. Lennard
14August 1963May 1963Lauren S. Ward
13January 1962December 1992Jon L. Shaffer
12January 1960December 1960C. Daniel Turner
11January 1956December 1956Richard L. Bond
10January 1955December 1955Jess Wheeler
9January 1953December 1953Billy D. Todd
8January 1951December 1951James H. Martin
6January 1949December 1950Charles L. Boulware
7January 1949December 1949Ralph R. Brock
1  Rob C. Baker
2  Michael J. Friesen
3  James A. Hess
4  Ronald L. Allen
5  Robert D. Keelin

The Alpha-Phi Expansion of Tau Kappa Epsilon at University of Kansas was installed as a chapter on April 25, 1942.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.